Travel around Russia with 20% cashback

From January 18 to April 12, book a room at our hotel and get 20% cashback when paying with a MIR card registered in the Loyalty Program. You can go on a trip for 2 or more nights from January 18 to April 30 inclusive. The maximum amount of cashback for one operation is 20,000 rubles.

To get cashback:

  • Register your Mir card of the participating bank in the Loyalty Program for Mir cardholders or check that the card is already registered.
  • Choose a stay of 2 nights or more in the period from January 18 to April 30 inclusive.
  • From January 18 to April 12 (inclusive), pay the full cost of the trip on our website.

Cashback will be received within 5 working days from the date of payment. The number of operations on one card is unlimited, you can get cashback several times.

Official website of the State Travel Subsidy Program: мирпутешествий.рф